Monday, September 10, 2012

Potty Like a Rock Star!

This weekend we got the opportunity to attend to head line concerts for free. This is one of the benefits to living to close to Nashville. Down by the River we got to see Kip Moore. I have to say that I am a tad bit disappointed in his live performance. Either the sound guy got left at their last pit stop, or Kip should just stick to the recording studio. All I wanted to hear was "Something about a Truck", but we decided to leave. As we were walking away, (of course) the song came on. However, rumor has it that it wasn't very good any way.

Momma and her lil Cowgirl!
On Sunday, we caught the Kelly Clarkson concert hosted by Ft. Campbell. It was the rain date concert for Week of the Eagles. She put on a decent show. I knew a few of her songs, but mostly I enjoyed listening to Weston and Rob make up their own words when they didn't know the actual lyrics... Which was pretty much every word of every song... Except Rob knew that she had a song with the word "sidewalk" in it somewhere.

Kaylyn sported her knew onesie from her Great Aunt Kathy. 

Sunday, we went to Lake Kyle and let the dogs swim for a while. We enjoyed a nice picnic and took this lovely family picture too.

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