Thursday, March 31, 2011

Welcome Home!

Welcome to our new home! We arrived at Ft. Campbell on Tuesday. We absolutely love it here. The fields are so green, my only complaint is that its been rather chilly compared to home. They said this is the longest winter that they've had in several years. We found a house yesterday, all glory to God, because it really happened by chance. It is a 3 bedroom, 2 bath with brand new wood floors, plumbing, toilets, and sink. The people 2 renters ago trashed it and everything was redone about 4 months ago or so. It has a large yard, front and back, and a storage shed. We are going to look into putting up a fence since we will be here for 3 years most likely. Probably also going to add a tough shed so Weston has some what of a garage. It is located right across the street from the main gate in a rather secluded neighborhood. Our neighbors are great, and we've already made friends. I am so excited for what Ft. Campbell and KY/TN have to offer. I believe that we will be living on the KY side of the line, but will have to get back to you on that for sure once we move into the house. We are currently waiting for the woman to move out that lives there now.

We had to switch to Verizon because TMobile sucks out here. Actually, it is known as T-Maybe apparently. The only other bad news is that Weston's Jeep broke while we were towing it here and it is going to be kinda costly. Dang it! However, since I don't have a job yet, we only need one vehicle and its a good thing we just bought a reliable one!!! 

Today is my wonderful man's birthday-- Happy Birthday my love! He is 23, wow, what an old fart... lol jk

We spent the day at the new comer's brief, which was very informative, yet kinda long. I am happy to be here though and am blessed beyond words. I am still going to keep my promise of adding pictures as soon as I remember to bring my camera in from the Jeep.

Saturday, March 26, 2011


Awe! I haven't written in a while. My husband is home, we bought couches, a 2004 Jeep Wrangler, and we have been busy packing and trying to see as many people before we move to Ft. Campbell. Plus I am still going to school full time online... eek! Tomorrow is our last full day in Colorado and we are having a going away party. We spent this weekend up at my dad's house. Actually that is where we are now. There will be more details and pictures to come once I get a break. PROMISE!!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

See you soon...

This month has been filled with not only tears of frustration, but also tears of joy and sadness. All emotions are temporary, and we have to move past both the good and the bad and live our daily lives.

I spent a bunch of time up at my dad's house and had a lot of fun. I had the opportunity to work with the yah-yahs and make candles, silverware holders, and drill holes in glass bottles. I got to spend a lot of time with my Dad, Debbie, and the family. I almost finished the front of one of my hand-sewn placemats that are brilliantly bright in spring colors. I sped through some homework and received out standing grades on my work in return. (Especially the fact that I passed an insane math test made my day!) I am so glad that I was able to take a break from the home life here and vacation to the other side of Colorado.

Weston received orders to Ft. Bliss while I was there. UGH. Disappointment and tears followed. But then he called and told me that they had been changed back to Ft. Campbell and I have never been so happy to hear those words in my life! He was able to start clearing and given a return date for back home. We will be picking him up from the air port on March 17th, yes, that is in 2 days... And we will be heading to Ft. Campbell on March 28th.

Among all the excitement, I spent a lot of time in my emails and on the phone gathering auction items for my mother-in-law's cancer benefit. The fire department put on a dinner and dance, and I added on an auction. With the help from the surrounding community, we received about 80 auction items and had both a live and silent auction during the benefit. I am very sad that my husband didn't make it home in time for the auction-- but at the same time, I thank the Lord that he will be here soon. The benefit went soo well and the support that our, friends, family, and the community showed is over whelming. The final total raised was $7925. We are so blessed to have such great people in our lives. Thank you so much to everyone who contributed their time, love, and hard work.

After the benefit, one of my best friends, Kris, had his going away party. He is headed to basic training for the Army. The party was a lot of fun, with some minor drama, but mostly fun! We gathered in the basement of his parents house and enjoyed the company of good friends and good times. We are sad to see Kris leaving, but so very proud of him for taking a stand and joining the military to fight for our country.

Sunday, Mike and Lori got married! They had a small, private wedding ceremony followed by a reception for family and friends. It was beautiful, and I can't wait to see the pictures. The lunch was delicious might I add. Later in the afternoon, I also had to bid my farewell to them as they ventured back to WA. this time, it was tears of both happiness for their union of marriage, but sadness in that I won't see them again until Kris graduates Basic Training. They made it home safely early Monday morning and Mike headed out into the field for Army training.

Sunday night I joined some of our friends at the movie theater for one last movie before Kris went to basic. Following, Sonic ice cream was in order. Afterwords, I hung out at the Gard's house and watch 127 hours before returning home. 

Today was one of the harder days out of them all! I joined Heidi and Garry Gard in taking Kris to Denver. We went out to dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe and enjoyed some last laughs at the hotel before bidding goodbye. Kris is a best friend and brother to me, and it was hard. Hugging one last time before we drove off, I told him that we would see him soon and good luck. I tried my darnedest to hold back the tears, but they welled in my eyes as the car made its way in the opposite direction of the hotel.

Just remember my friends: No matter where we go, No matter what happens, Every thing will be okay. Not only are we friends, the best of friends, but we are a family. Where ever the military takes us, we will be back together some day. It is not good bye. It is see you soon. So, as I bid farewell to my best friends- I love you all, see you soon!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Spring Cleaning

It didn't last. I reactivated Facebook. I just deleted a ton of people. No hard feelings to the ones I deleted- there were over 200 of you.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Facebook Drama

I deactivated my Facebook. I am so sick of drama. This and my email will be my main source of internet interaction if you want to see what is up with me. I am just tired of all of the bull crap that Facebook brings out in people.

We will see how long this lasts.....
More updates on this past weekend will come soon :)

Thursday, March 10, 2011


Because I mind as well live up to my reputation....
Because I can...
Because one of our best friends is leaving for basic training Monday....

Because, Why not!

I miss my husband, but tonight was one heck of a night at bowling. Memories that will last a life time. 7 more days until my husband is finally home. Just 7 more days. 1 week. Then I am not letting him go. :)
Love you babe!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Miracles DO Happen

Weston called me tonight and asked me if I have been praying extra hard or something. Immediately the thought that he would be home this week entered my brain... However, that was not the case. Instead, he told me that for some reason, his orders got switched again... SCORE!!!!!!!!! We are no longer moving to Texas, thank God! We will be moving to Fort Campbell in Kentucky and Tennessee. It is almost amazing how fast the Army can change things. We waited forever for orders, and now we have they have changed in the past 48 hours. But believe me, I am not complaining. AT ALL. I am so excited you have no idea.

With that said, Weston will be home on Thursday, March 17th. He is flying into Colorado Springs. He will be taking 13 days of leave, and in order to get to Campbell on time, we will be leaving on/around March 28th. Goodbye Colorado, Hello the rest of my life.

God has a plan, and maybe, just maybe... he wanted us to think that we were moving to TX so that we would be over joyed with the news of Ft. Campbell and the idea that Weston can't come home this week wouldn't sound quite as bad. I've used that technique before-- build up the bad so that when you get the new news, you are so overwhelmed with the good half that the bad half kinda gets shoved under the rug.
All in all, we are so blessed by our gracious Father above, and I thank Him from the bottom of my heart. I don't think that I would have been able to handle living on the boarder of Mexico in El Paso, TX for the next several years.

I did everything I could to make TX sound better... It won't be cold. I can get a nice tan. Hmmm, yeah that is all I came up with. The Lord knows what He is doing, end of story!

Monday, March 7, 2011

The Heart of El Paso

My husband just called and he has orders to Ft. Bliss, TX. This is in the heart of El Paso. I am so happy to know that he will be coming home soon. But I have mixed emotions about Ft. Bliss. I am not going to lie, I was looking forward to Kennessee. I know that it doesn't matter where we are, as long as we are together. God has a plan and He does everything for a reason. The more time I spend looking up things in Texas the more of a head ache I have. There isn't really a college any where close that has athletic training. I am thinking to myself, there goes my education.... Maybe this means that God wants me to travel a new path. Maybe I should be a teacher or something. Think about it, summers off. That would be nice. Holidays off. That would be nice. Snobby nosed kids-- not so nice. I guess all I can do is pray about it and eventually it will be revealed to me.

Time for me to stop worrying and give it all to God.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Humorous God

Dear Friends and Family,

If you have been praying for me to have patience with the Army, please STOP! It is only making the situation worse! I learned a long time ago that if you pray for patience then God will give you something to be patient about. So please, instead of praying for me to have patience, how about you pray for my husband to come home!


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Colorful Colorado

Community Blessings

I worked this evening on organizing more auction items for my mother-in-law's cancer benefit dinner/dance/auction. It will be held on Friday, March 11 in Pueblo West. The fire department has really come together to put this on and it is quite amazing to see how much heart this community really has. As I was making phone calls and sending emails, I was astonished at the fabulous responses that were coming in. Within a matter of thirty minutes, I more than doubled the number of items that I had already secured. It is such a blessing to me to see how communities can come together to help a family in such a hard time.

I can't wait to finish all the arrangements for the auction and get the items all put together. I feel like with the 59 people who have already RSVP'd on Facebook, this benefit is going to be a success. God has blessed our family with many, many caring people. There is nothing more that I can say, but Praise the Lord!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Bridal Shower

We had my bridal shower last Saturday and it turned out to be a huge success. There were ladies there of all ages. From little ones in diapers to well, old ones in diapers. Ok, I know that is horrible, but funny! Sara and mom hosted the shower, and it really was a great set up. I loved the decorations and am so thankful for everyone who put in their time and hard work to make it possible.

We had the living room full from wall to wall with tables and chairs. Even the couches and window seats were occupied. The ladies and I enjoyed food, fun, and I opened gifts. Thanks again to everyone who made it possible and thank you to every one who came and celebrated with us. Weston and I appreciate the love and support!

The End of The Road

On my way to my mom's house I picked up grandma since we live close by and she doesn't drive. I kept apologizing to her for the wind coming in my wired-up broken window, and she just said, "as long as it runs". Well, yes, my car has been faithful to me, it is the little things that make it time to get a new vehicle. The Pueblo West wind was horrible, as always, and that made the whole window situation worse. Grandma gave me the family history on the way there. Not only that, but the history of Penrose and which houses were the first around as we passed them. She told be about the old railroad that used to run to Cripple Creek that is no longer there. Things that I would have never known without doing some research. I'm not a history buff, so pretty much things that I would have never known. These are the times that I cherish with Grandma. Her passing on stories that I will always remember and be able to pass on to my kids as we make that drive.

As we were driving down the highway, a loud boom scared the crap out of me, and I thought that I had blown a back tire. Really?! The one day that I have my 85? year old grandma with me, I have car problems. I pulled over to the side of the road and put on those flashers. It is a dang good thing that I had jeans on over my cocktail dress, and a pea coat for warmth. Otherwise I am certain that all who passed would have gotten a free show. Stepping onto the highway, I saw that in fact, my brand new tire was just fine. However, my back bumper was partially detached and the load noises must have been caused by wind blowing it up against the tire.

After calling my mom I decided that I could fix it myself. I popped the trunk open and braved the wind again, just in time for the wind to blow it shut. Back to the driver's door I went, and popped it again. This time, I dashed towards the back of the car and stuck my upper body inside in search of my Athletic Training kit. My athletic tape would have to do the job until I could get to my destination. It really was a beautiful tape job, and I was quite confident in it. Grandma and I set back onto the highway to mom's house once again. A little farther down the road I called a friend who's parents lived close, and she told me to stop on by because grandpa was at the shop. He liked my tape job, but said he had a bolt that would do the job. He screwed that sucker in and we were on the road again.

None the less, we made it to the Bridal Shower in one piece. Amen for that!