Sunday, July 31, 2011

A New Low

I hate to say it, but I was at my breaking point last night. In all the things I do, and don't do, it never fails that I get hurt in the end. I didn't think that marriage was supposed to be like this, but then again I have learned that the people who hurt us the worst are the ones we love the most.

I don't know what I would do if life was any different than right now, but I can't stand to have promises made and broken so much as now.

So what do you do when you hit your breaking point? Give him a deadline. I will be gone by 5pm tomorrow if you don't seek counseling before then and have proof of it. The good thing to this is that the Army provides free counseling to the soldiers and their families. If they're gonna fuck em up, they mind as well try to fix them too. The second thing you do is go straight to the Bible. Nothing is more assuring than the word of God! Following, seek church. The fellowship and preaching that a church can give will set you back on the right track. I have been away from my church since I moved and I miss it dearly. We have yet to go to church here yet, but this morning Weston found an Army Chaplain who was preaching the word of God, and we shall soon be attending. The very last thing you do, try to forgive and forget. OH believe me, sooo much easier said than done! Make up with your spouse and move forward. Weston and I made a deal, and this time I have it in writing. There are consequences for actions and this time I will follow my word. Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice, shame on you!

Most people would say that I am over reacting, but I have only the highest standards and this is one thing that will keep me from dating a guy. I am married now, and he didn't do it when we got married and he swore to me that he would never do it while we were married. He broke that promise and if it happens again he just might break my heart.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Classic Tote

I've been working on this dang tote all afternoon. I think this is the most I've ever had to rip out stitches too! I don't know what it is, maybe I am not paying enough attention, but I sewed the same piece on wrong two different times, then the third time the tension was off and I had to rip it out again.

All in all, I got the outside, "top" piece done. Now I just have to get the batting and layer it between the bag top and the muslin with the top side up. Then baste and quilt it as I desire. I think I will quilt in the ditch and also 1/4" away from the seems as well. The pattern has circles with buttons and such but I am going to skip that part because their pattern calls for the circles in the part where my zoo material is. I like it too much to cover it up.

Putting it together will be the more confusing part for me. I will have to read the instructions at least 5 more times before they make since. Then make handles, that shouldn't be too hard. My guess is that making it into the "bag" shape will be the hardest, but who knows, maybe not.

Time to take a break from sewing for the day and pick up my mess. Softball tonight!


After thinking about it for approximately five minutes I decided that I would start an Etsy account. I mind as well, the pillows I made are not selling on the Fort Campbell Yard Sale sight. I would probably sell more if I advertised them some where on base. However, for now I will see what happens with my Etsy shop.

Its a gloomy Sunday here. Still a million degrees outside, but the clouds are out. Hopefully it will cool down before 5pm so that softball practice will be decent. We may have a scrimmage against a team that we have played twice before. The first time we beat them 19-2 and the second time we beat them 14-3. They have gotten better! Their short stop is a killer and we were warned not to hit there no matter what. So hopefully we will play them tonight at practice. Our team is almost 100% drama free, besides the girl who thinks she can take it upon herself to start shit. But whatever, she didn't come to practice the other night and coach had me play 3rd base. I did awesome. He asked me if I wanted that base and I told him to put whoever is better there. I am not one for starting crap with the new girl. If she wants it then she can have it, but if she makes as many errors there as she did last game... just saying. We all have our good and bad days; I know I sure do!

Weston is at work again today. I decided to go ahead and make pillows out of the two purple 3x3 blocks I had sewn together last night. They have bright pink backs. I like them!

Needs ironed!
After finishing these, I sewed together another Marines pillow, and three more Army pillows. Looks like I will be buying a couple packages of pillow stuffing soon.

That should keep me stocked up on those for a while. I am ready to try something new now. I have done pillows and baby quilts. There are all kinds of patterns out there. In one of the books my mom bought me, there is a pattern for a Classic Tote. I don't like the boring material pattern that they have, so I am going to substitute in my baby zoo material with some other bright solid colors.

This is the Classic Tote pattern picture.
This is the material I am using. For some reason the blog turned the picture.
 I finally found my new thread that I bought the other day. Therefore, it is time to begin working on my new project. See you soon!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

On a Mission

As you can see, I am recently in love with sewing. I've been working all day on projects, and cleaning in my spare time. It is a good thing my husband was at work all day because I'm sure he thinks I'm turning into an old housewife or something. To put me in an even better mood, I have a job interview on Thursday for the highest paying job I've ever applied for. I have an interview with the Youth and Child Services Program on base next Tuesday. I am excited and VERY nervous. One of the ladies on my softball team works at the same program and told me to start writing up a list of every where I have lived in the past ten years and a neighbor that knew me at each address. Shoot, I've moved SO many times in the past ten years, especially in my college years. I do not even remember every address I have lived at, it's time to reunite with some college roommates on Facebook and hope to God that they know where we used to live!!!

Here is my progress on the ducky baby quilt. After careful consideration I decided to stick with the yellow fleece material for the back. This made it a lot easier since I already had the material. I also decided not to put quilt batting inside since the fleece is thick enough. Made for a super easy baby blanket. I free quilted it, (that is what I call it when I just quilt random designs. I don't really know what it is called. Tomorrow I will go get the edging (also don't know what that is called).

Front after quilting, just needs edging.

You can see the yellow on the back.
I bought some fabric on sale the other day while we were at Wal-Mart. I haven't decided what I am going to do with it yet, but I cut it into 5" by 5" squares.

purple patterns
After pondering it for a while, since there isn't a whole lot of the material, I decided to sew blocks 3x3 into a larger square. So far I have two done, and neither of them are the same, but look like this:

Pillow front? Or maybe I will sew all of them together and get more material to make something with it.
I have some other material laying around that I should use for something, the question is what. I guess as my creativity flows, I will throw something together. I'm thinking about starting an Etsy... Maybe?

Cuttin' Mishap :Z

Oh no!!! I was cutting material for the duck quilt and somehow one of the pillow cases from the zoo quilt got stuck on the back of the fabric and I didn't even notice.... Thank the LORD that it wasn't the zoo quilt its self, just a pillow. The mistake is easy to fix, but it made me sad that I messed it up. Maybe they are only getting one pillow now. Would that be right? Or should I make another like I had originally intended?

This teaches me to be careful when cutting!!! See husband, this is exactly why I need a sewing table in my "WoMAN cave!!!" Right now I am using the coffee table in the living room and my stuff is spread all over our couch. **wink wink** :)


Sad day!

On a better note, I made progress on the ducky quilt this afternoon. The front is done, now I am just trying to decide if I want to use the yellow fleece for the back or go get some "girly" rubber duck material for the back to make it look more like its a baby girl quilt. Opinions??

The top.

One day I will take the time to line up the seems!

Baby Quilt

Here is the first baby quilt that I made for friends. 

Here are the pillows that go with that quilt.
This baby is due in December :)

Here is the beginning of the 2nd quilt. I'm using rubber duck fleece material for the front. 

These are the pillows that go with this quilt. I did them first since they are obviously easier. 
This baby is due the beginning of August :)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

To Kill a... Landlord???

Ok, so at least I don't have pink and purple duct tape holding my toilet together like one of the girls on the softball team. Her husband is deployed and the landlord won't do anything. How rude! I feel for her, I really do. I would like to extend my husband out to help her fix her appliances! That however is funny, because our landlord won't fix ours either.

I'm sure its just the seal on the toilet, but why should I have to fix it. The landlord lives right across the street and I could care less what kind of damage it is doing to their property. I'm not the one who has to pay for it. PLUS we don't even use that bathroom so I don't really care.

Here is an updated picture of the damage getting worse:

Now they get to replace the floor :)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Girls are dumb!

We won our softball game tonight 14-3 against the Hunnies. Yes, you heard me right, I am finally playing softball again. I knew that one day I would find the courage to get off my ass again. I wish I had never stopped playing! I wanted to try out for the college team SO many times but between transferring schools and driving back and forth from home to school there was no way I could play. I guess technically I could still find a college and try out, however, I probably won't. Instead I am playing on an Army Wife team. Its a blast! Coach yells at us like we are soldiers and guess what... It makes us better! Wooo!

Tonight after the game, my husband and I went to Sonic for a quick dinner. My phone was in the very back of the car ringing so I hopped out and answered. Coach was calling... he informed me that another player said I was posting stuff about her taking 3rd base on Facebook. That I was starting drama with her. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! I hate girls! I hate drama! Last time I checked, we are all married and supposed to be adults. I absolutely am appalled that she went to the coach and told him some BS that isn't true.

I will tell you the truth. Yesterday at practice I made several fielding errors at 3rd base, and then at 2nd base. Before practice had even started, I told coach that I wanted to play 2nd not 3rd. I have played almost every position in my time playing softball and if I had to pick a place, I'd either go to 2nd base or left field. So riddle me this, why does she take it upon herself to think that I am pissed off that she took over 3rd base and I moved to 2nd (let me remind you, I told him I wanted to play there)?! F that. I hate drama!!!

That's all.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Thyroid 101

According to MedlinePlus: Your thyroid is a butterfly-shaped gland in your neck, just above your collarbone. It is one of your endocrine glands, which make hormones. The thyroid helps set your metabolism - how your body gets energy from the foods you eat.

At the age of ten, in fourth grade, I developed a growth on my neck. My mom took me to our family doctor who diagnosed me with mono. It ended up being false-positive. In fact, I had something much more serious. My heart rate was in the 230s and I weighed about 55 pounds if not less. The doctor drew blood and put me on bed rest. I didn't get to finish the last several days of 4th grade.

In December of 2000, the endocrinologist I was sent to decided that the best thing to do was to ablate my thyroid. I took a pill with radio-active iodine in it. For three days I was isolated in my mom's bedroom with my own bathroom and no reason to leave. Because of the radioactive iodine, I couldn't be around any one else. Soon after the treatment, my thyroid was completely dead. The years to follow included many blood draws, doctor visits, and a daily pill.

Throughout high school and college, my doctor gave up on me. The last appointment I had with him, he left the exam room at least three times to take a phone call, leaving his training student in the room with my mom and me. I didn't like taking medicine, I could never remember, and when I did remember I just didn't care. Every once in a while I would take it, but as long as I wasn't taking it regularly, I was very hypo-thyroid. I knew it wasn't good for me, but I had become accustomed to being cold, sleepy, unmotivated, and a complete lack of energy. My grades in college were not as great as the ones I had earned in high school. I blame this solely on me not caring. Not only because I was not motivated, but also because I went home every weekend and school was just "whatever".

Now, I am 21 years old, married, and need to look ahead to the future. My husband and I eventually want to have children and if my thyroid levels are not 100% up to par, then being pregnant would not be a good idea. After talking to doctors, if my thyroid levels were screwed up, then that could cause a miscarriage, which is something I don't want to go through. It's time to be an adult, and that is exactly what I am going to do.

I have been taking my thyroid medicine very regularly for the 4 months that we have lived here. The Doctor on post raised my dosage to 200mcg. I had my blood drawn again today and I am hoping that the levels are good. I feel great and am not experiencing any signs of low thyroid. Here's to hoping for the best!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Picture This!

I've been playing with my new camera, here are some of the pictures I have taken...

Absolutely a fun game!

Sabrina in the old farm house.

While Sabrina and I were exploring a deserted farm house and barn, they were hanging out.

4th of July celebrations at Ft. Benning, GA.

The GA Sky

I love how clear and crisp the pictures are. I love playing with photography!

Landlord Drama

We have a landlord, or that is what she calls herself any way. I have come to the conclusion that she is more of a nosey neighbor instead. The owners of our house live in Germany and the lady across the street has power of attorney of the house right now. She is supposed to be our landlord. They said that they would mow our lawn and not to worry about hiring any one. Needless to say, I have hired the guy one street away to mow our lawn more than once because I can't stand having a field around my house.

In addition, the floor in our spare bathroom is completely disgusting and trashed. It was very nice when we moved in, but apparently who ever did the floor didn't put the toilet back in right and water is leaking from under the floor and it has water damage all around it. I called the landlord and told her. She came and looked at it that night. (This was the day I got back from WI). To this day, the floor is not fixed. When she brought a guy over to do estimates.... wait, she brought his whole family over and I swear their 2 year old touched everything in my house twice.... she showed them the whole house like she was trying to sell it. I had the dogs locked in one bedroom and that was the only room she didn't go in. I had all the other doors shut and she just barged in like she owns the place. Its one thing if she has to do an inspection or something but she just barged into my bedroom and showed them the other bathroom without asking for permission. ARE YOU KIDDING ME???!!! I was so livid! I'd be surprised if the floor gets fixed while we live here. Its not my problem however, so I don't care if it rots away!

Picture taken June 27, 2011

Thursday, July 7, 2011

8 Month Update

I can't believe that it has been more than 8 months that Weston and I have been married now. Looking back, time has gone so fast! Even when each day I felt like I heard every tick of the clock and it seemed like the time for him to come home from Korea would never get here, those days are gone. Now, we are dealing with bigger, better things.

My hubby got me an amazing, I mean amazing camera for our 8 month anniversary. I laughed and told him I absolutely can't wait to see what he has in store for our one year.... then I also told him he better not spend that much again! haha I will be posting pictures one of these days. I'm lacking in that lately. I have to figure out the right cord to plug the camera into my laptop since my card reader decided to stop working.

We are thinking about trading in the Jeep for a car with more room. I want a 4 door vehicle, not necessarily a car because there should be room for the dog(s) in the very back. There needs to be room for a car seat--- NO, I am not pregnant, just thinking about the future. Right now we have been looking into a Toyota 4runner. Here is what they look like...

Other things that have happened: Kris Gard graduated from basic training in GA and we went to see him. The ceremony was great, and since he received honors for being the top shooter in his class he got to stand in the shade by the VIP booth instead of in formation out in the hot sun. Bet the Privates would have tried a little harder if they knew they could he standing in the shade! GA is hot, and very muggy! Any time we walked out side I got an instant headache. It was usually 98 degrees with humidity. Thank God it is not that bad in Kentucky!!!

PFC Gard

When I got back from GA, I called my boss and let her know I was back in town. As to be expected, I was not on the schedule. I kinda figured that was going to happen since I had to train someone before I left, and they hired another girl as well. I work Friday (tomorrow) and Saturday for a total of 11 hours this week. AWESOME... not. As a result, I went to the employment office on base yesterday and applied for spousal preference. I got a lot of great information and was asked to attend a H&R Block meeting. The company is training and hiring military spouses for free to become tax accountants, which in fact pays pretty decently. This isn't what I ultimately want to do with my life, but shoot, sounds like a decent job for now. I also applied for 4 other jobs on post. Two are lower level jobs, paying between $7.25-8.50 an hour, and two are decent jobs as an Administrative Assistant, and a Youth and Child Care Services Admin. At this point, anything to get me out of the Flower Shop drama would be great. It is time that I find a job more at my skill level. I hate to say it, but I am way better than minimum wage! Don't get me wrong, I am thankful for my job.

We are trying to get rid of our 4 month old lab mix puppy. I have tried posting an ad about her on Fort Campbell's Yard Sale sight, and no one has called about her this time. I should have kept the number for the people who wanted her before! If someone doesn't call soon I am going to have to consider taking her to the Humane Society.

Well, that is all I have for now. Check back later for Drama With the Landlord!!!