Sunday, February 27, 2011

Road Trip

I think it is about time for me to take a road trip and go stay with my dad for a while. Since he moved, I don't get to see him very often, and it is something I just need to do. I know it was snowing up there yesterday, but I am very tempted to get in my car and go. Buena Vista is such a great place to get away from the everyday things of life. I am taking online classes, so it is something that is very plausible for me to do.

If you are going to talk about someone at least make sure they can't hear you. It seems like when the phone rings I learn something new about myself. It is quite frustrating. Not only has it been told to someone close to me, but to at least one other person on the other end of the phone line. And other stuff too. I went out partying last night, and in fact, I do it all the time. Really? Wow, that's cool. I mean, yeah I have friends and we hang out, but can you please define the definition of partying for me. Last time I checked, going out to eat, OR going to the movies, OR going bowling once a week, OR just hanging out with a few people IS NOT PARTYING.

Partying is drinking too much with a rather large group of people. Most parties these days include some kind of drinking game. And after a party, we always go to adolfos for breakfast burritos. And DAMN IT, if I want to party then what is it to you, I am 21, married, and I can make my own decisions. The end.

So let me make it clear, I don't go to the bar to see my ex (ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!) and I do not party all the time. What I do is my business. Don't assume. If you want to know something just ask me, to my face, without spreading your version of the story first.

Live Laugh Love

My husband told me that I am slacking in writing my blog... So babe, this one is for you.........

Miss you!

Love you!

Your Wifey

ps I will write more later.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Crafty Fun

I am now making blankets. You can custom order 
them to fit you and with your favorite design*

This is the first blanket that I made. The fabric is fleece, and the 
same design is on both sides. I cut and tied all four edges.**

This is the second blanket that I made, for Brenda Keddell. 
It is also made of fleece with a plain tan fleece on the back. 
I also cut and tied all four sides.** I have one more
of this blanket that is currently for sale.

*As long as I can find the fabric. 
**Color in the photo may vary to that of the actual blanket.

Bridesmaid Dress

Lori, Leah, and I ventured to a new wedding shop today in Pueblo. Lori found a BEAUTIFUL wedding dress that I really hope she buys. After starring at herself in the mirror forever, she sat down, then stood back up, then sat down... Needless to say, she didn't want to take it off. That's how you know it is your dress!

We also looked through all the bridesmaid dresses and I found the one the girls will wear, final decision. I love this little boutique! They took all my girls' phone numbers and are going to take care of everything for me. That is one less thing I have to worry about after I move. FANTASTIC! 

Here is the dress. It is described as Nu-chiffon over Lite Satin halter style short gown with a side drape finished with a brooch. It is a 2-toned dress, which means the top layer will be Cobalt Blue, with an under layer of Sea Green. I love it and want one of my own! Plus, it is cheaper than the one at David's Bridal and much better quality.

The Tunnel

We are traveling through this long tunnel called Army Life. Still, there are no orders, which means that we have no idea where we are going to be stationed. Sometimes its a drag not knowing where we are going to be moving to in approximately 20 days, give or take... I don't feel like doing math right now. I say a prayer that we get the orders soon. I know God does everything with the most perfect timing and that everything will work out in the end. I haven't prayed for patience lately, but maybe the Lord is trying to tell me that I need to learn how to be more patient. In everything, there is a blessing. I am just blessed to know that my husband will be home soon, God willing.

The Lord is good! :)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Completely Estrogen

Road Trip! Today 3 brides, 2 bridesmaids, and a mom went to David's Bridal in search of a dress. I am both a bride and a bridesmaid to Lori. Lori is a bride, and a bridesmaid to me. Amanda is a bride. Leah is a bridesmaid to Amanda, Lori, and me. Kelsey is a bridesmaid to Lori. Most importantly, Mrs. McGrath accompanied us in the adventure. Lori tried on wedding dresses today, as Leah, Kelsey, and I headed to the bridesmaid section. We got a great feel for the types of dresses that we would like to have in the multiple weddings. After that, we went to a small bridal show and checked out some local wedding "vendors." I was not really impressed, however, there was a photographer with some AMAZING pictures! We have already booked our photographer--Mrs. Shawnna Gowin from SGPhotography. You can also find her work on her Facebook page.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Wedding Development

I'm trying so hard not to become a bridezilla. Our big wedding is supposed to be relaxed. We are already married, and don't want the wedding planning process or the wedding to be stressful. I can't wait until Weston gets home so he can "lay down the law" to some members of the bridal party! Ugh, I get so frustrated! I want all of my bridesmaids dresses to be the same. My feeling is, if you don't like the dress, then you should probably just not be a bridesmaid. If it is too short, too bad! I WILL NOT have one bridesmaid with a different/altered version of the dress. Sometimes I wish I would have stuck to my original list instead of adding to it. I have dropped from 7 to 6, but really, I wish it was 5. Weston has 7 guys on his side, but I am ok with it being uneven. That is just less hormones for me to have to deal with. That's me being selfish, sometimes it happens.

I think it is funny when people try to tell me how my wedding should be. This is about me and my husband, period, end of story. I wish I had the guts to stand up to some people, but I don't want to create animosity. So, that is where I will make my husband step in. He wears the pants, he can be the mean guy. (Love you babe!)

All in all. Today Lori and I went to Springs and picked up my wedding dress at Davids Bridal. We also looked through the bridesmaid's dresses and I had her model 3 different ones. The girls will wear THIS dress in Marine Blue, which is a dark blue. The accenting color will be lime green, and I am thinking that we will work that in with flowers or something. My dress is a surprise to everyone, except for the people that I have shown.

Lori Modeling the Bridesmaid Dress (will be dark blue)
 Today was also our friend, Amanda's birthday. We bought her an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen and surprised her. Then we went out to the Mongolian Grill for lunch. That was my first time eating it, not too bad for Pueblo.

Next on the list, Weston still has no orders. He is currently on a 4 day weekend and I really wish he would be able to find out something before the weekend is over. But, I do not have much hope in this situation, I'm guessing it will be Tuesday at the earliest. It is getting so close to time for him to be home and no orders. Once again, frustrating for both him and I!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Kennessee or ????

I am trying so very hard not to fall asleep tonight while waiting for my soldier to call me. He is moving barracks right now. Even though he has approximately 2 weeks left, he still had to move to the new building. He still hasn't found out about his new orders, which is frustrating for him, and also me. There is not much to be done about it. The Army loves to do things at their own pace. I just pray that wherever God will have us go, it will be done. I know that if where he is going to be stationed changes, it is because God wanted it that way. I am/was really looking forward to living in "Kennessee". Hopefully we find out soon!

Weston just said there is no internet in the barracks.
I'm going to bed.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Horse Sense

What a Day! The day began with my phone going off. I swear, I absolutely can't wait for Weston to get home so I can shut my phone off at night!!! I changed it to a super annoying ring tone so that it will wake me up when Weston calls or texts after I fall asleep. After getting ready for the day, I contemplated whether or not I should go to Fort Carson and change my health insurance and then go to David's Bridal to pick up my dress, OR if I should take the puppy to the vet to get his arthritis shot. Turns out I ended up doing neither. Instead, I accompanied my mother and father-in-law to lunch and then the Cancer Dr's appointment. Lunch was delicious! We went to the little restaurant in Dillards (Who knew there was one in there, I guess I've never used that mall entrance before). At the cancer doctor's office, the news was positive. It looks like it is shrinking. Outstanding! It is definitely an answer to prayers, and I pray that it will continue to follow that pattern.

When we got home, I was messing with the dogs when they all took off outside and started barking. Next thing I know, there is a horse running through the front yard and out into the street. It headed to the neighbors' house on the east side. I told my father-in-law about it then came in the house and got a lead rope. I went over to the neighbors and the horse walked right up to me. But then wanted to be a snot head and took off a few houses down to where some more horses were. I ran over there and when I finally got to him he was eating some hay on the ground. I approached him carefully but ended up throwing the lead rope right around his neck and then just walked him back towards our house. Daniel had found the owners, which happened to be the neighbors directly on the other side of the house, and they were driving towards me. After standing there and watching the idiots try to get the halter on, which they failed to do... one threw a lead around his neck and walked him home the same way I had. I swear! They do not deserve to own a horse. Their last one died of a "heart attack" and had several tumors all over it and they did nothing about it. Not only that, but he appeared very malnourished but no one would do anything about it.  The family is a bunch of druggies and can't afford to feed or properly take care of the animals.

I don't own horses any more because when my dad got divorced, my grandpa took them back to his house because we had no where to keep them. I had given up riding in 4-H at that time to play softball in high school. What a mistake! I could have done both. ugh. Live and learn, that is for sure. I don't understand why people who can't take care of their animals are the ones who end up with them. Then there are people like me who would LOVE to have a horse, but just can't right now. It is so frustrating! I told one of the guys through text message that if the animals were not properly taken care of I was going to do something about it. He ran and told his daddy, then his father called the house and cried about it to my father-in-law. I told Daniel that I am a big girl and I would talk to him myself. He told me that I am a horse expert and I owe him an apology because his horse is taken care of just fine. Hmmm, it's gotten out 3 times today, and the last 2/3 horses that you owned died because they were not taken care of properly. If you deserved an apology I would give you one. But I beg to differ, and the warning still stands. If that horse begins to show signs of malnourishment while I still live here, I will raise some hell!

All in all, fantastic day. I got a Valentines Day card from my soldier. Perfect timing by the way! We have about two weeks give or take some until he is home. I absolutely can not wait!!!

Saturday, February 12, 2011


Today Kris took Weston's jeep down to the shop and JJ and him worked on it. I am proud to say that I am the one who put the brake pads on the right front side, because Kris couldn't figure it out.... ;) [inside joke] As it turns out the back brakes were in worse condition than the guys thought so after putting the front back together we spent the afternoon at different parts stores and even the junk yard. I tell you what, it was an adventure and we spoke to a couple of idiots at the part store. Ummm hello, we know the pin doesn't come in the package, we already bought the package-- WE NEED THE PIN! Duh! Funniest thing of the day, the idiot was making some random comment and Kris says, "Yeah, I'm not that dumb!" The look on the guy's face was priceless. Any way, great day, can't wait for the jeep to be done.

This just means we are one step closer to Weston being back in the United States. Wooohooo!
Tonight it's off to the Valentine's Day dance that the Fire Department is putting on. Time to turn this (old person) party into a real party. haha We will see how that works for us.

Friday, February 11, 2011


We got some good, great, grand news today! Weston got a phone call from his SFC saying that he was cleared from the investigation and back in the 2nd Platoon. Thank goodness, it is about time! He got put back in his platoon just in time to start clearing on Monday to come home. We are looking at the date of March 4th  for him to be home. Keep your fingers crossed. He will be finding out soon if his orders changed at all. It's all in the Lords hands, we will go wherever he leads us. Thank you for the prayers.

I am so blessed to have such a great husband. It is only a matter of time and I will be able to tell this deployment to shove it! Hooah!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

From my new book, Chicken Soup for the Couple's Soul, I present to you: "Fifty Ways to Love Your Partner" by Mark and Chrissy Donnelly.

1. Love yourself first
2. Start each day with a kiss
3. Serve breakfast in bed
4. Say "I love you" every time you part ways
5. Compliment freely and often
6. Appreciate--and celebrate--your differences
7. Live each day as if it's your last
8. Write unexpected love letters
9. Plant a seed together and nurture it to maturity
10. Go on a date once a week
11. Send flowers for no reason
12. Accept and love each others' family and friends
13. Make little signs that say "I love you" and post them all over the house
14. Stop and smell the roses
15. Kiss unexpectedly
16. Seek out beautiful sunsets together
17. Apologize sencerely
18. Be forgiving
19. Remember the day you fell in love-- and recreate it
20. Hold hands
21. Say "I love you" with your eyes
22. Let her cry in your arms
23. Tell him you understand
24. Drink toasts of love and committment
25. Do something arousing
26. Let her give you directions when you're lost
27. Laugh at his jokes
28. Appreciate her inner beauty
29. Do the other person's chores for a day
30. Encourage wonderful dreams
31. Commit a public display of affection
32. Give loving massages with no strings attached
33. Start a love journal and record your special moments
34. Calm each others' fears
35. Walk barefoot on the beach together
36. Ask her to marry you again
37. Say yes
38. Respect each other
39. Be your partner's biggest fan
40. Give the love your partner wants to receive
41. Give the love you want to receive
42. Show interest in the other's work
43. Work on a project together
44. Build a fort with blankets
45. Swing as high as you can on a swing set by moonlight
46. Have a picnic indoors on a rainy day
47. Never go to bed mad
48. Put your partner first in your prayers
49. Kiss each other goodnight
50. Sleep like spoons

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Snow Drifts and Paper Clips

I swear, it has snowed more times in the past two weeks then it did all winter! This morning the howling wind woke me up. I sat up in bed remembering that my gloves, hat and scarf were still outside on the snowman... That's if they hadn't blown away yet. It was 1am; I climbed out of bed, rubbed my eyes and went to the front door. After turning the locks I pulled the door open and instantly the front window covered in frost. Instinctively, I rubbed a small circle removing the ice crystals and looked out. One glove was gone but all the others still remained. I began to push the door, realizing that I was going to have to use some force to get it open due to the wind, then stepped outside. My toes froze instantly and I leaped off the front steps towards the frozen creation I had designed. I pulled the left hand glove off of his stick, and as I pulled the hat off, his whole head fell off. I threw it to the ground keeping my hat in hand. Next, I glanced around for my glove and saw it out yonder towards the fence. Thankful it hadn't blown away, I grabbed it, then ripped the scarf off of the beheaded snowman.

School has been canceled for the youngens in the area and the wind continues to build drifts. It isn't yet snowing here, but my mom says it sure is at her house. I am hoping that if it is going to be this cold and yucky outside that it will just snow. Mind as well dump a few feet of snow, its not like I have any where to go.

I received two of my new books in the mail yesterday. Chicken Soup for the Christian Soul, and Chicken Soup for the Christian Woman's Soul. I can't wait to indulge in them on this bitter winter day. Hope its a very blessed one for you!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Saturday Snow Day

Two of our good friends, Kris and Spencer, made a 9 1/2 ft tall snowman and called us over to come check it out at like 10pm.

After going home at about 1:30am, I decided that I wasn't tired and wanted to make a snowman of our own at home.

Isn't he cute?! Who said military wives can't have a little fun at 2am :)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Alright that's it. I'm going to use this to complain a little bit. Why is it that after I get out of the shower and go change ** runs into the bathroom and decides to spend an hour in there. Its not like I have plans or anything... This only happens when I have somewhere to be. Coincidence? Maybe, but it is so frustrating! UGH!

Okay, I'm done complaining now, I just needed to get some frustrations out.