Colorado Home

The other day I remembered a song I learned back in high school and I was singing it in the Emergency Room parking lot as we walked back to the car. This will explain a little bit more about my home.

I was Colorado born, and Colorado bred,
and when I die I'll be Colorado dead!
So rah rah Colorado, rah rah Colorado, 
rah rah this dear old state of mine!
I've traveled east, and I've traveled west,  
 and now I know that Colorado’s the best!
So rah rah Colorado, 
rah rah Colorado, 
rah rah this dear old state of mine!

I was born and raised in Fremont County. Weston was born and raised in Pueblo County. My driveway was approximately 23 minutes from his growing up. Colorado is the best state anyone could ever ask for! There are all four seasons with approximately equal time in each. We see sunshine, rain, snow, the best lightning and thunder storms EVER, and so much more. Things bloom in the Spring and leaves cover the ground in the fall. The mountains are breath-taking, and living in another state without them is killing us! The Broncos will always be the best NFL football team on Earth, and the Colorado Rockies the best baseball team invented. Colorado State Rams is by far the best college football team, however, Weston would argue that the University of Colorado's Buffs are better. Poor poor Weston for being so confused ;). 

Colorado River... Why did it stop flowing?

Royal Gorge Bridge, 20 minutes from my house.