Sunday, February 17, 2013

From my House to Yours

It's been a while since I've written. Since we talked last, a lot has happened and Kaylyn has grown way too fast for her own good. Here are the highlights of our lives recently:

Kaylyn- crawled on her hands and knees for the first time at daycare last Thursday. Friday she clapped her hands on her own for the first time and now claps along to "patty-cake" and "if you're happy and you know it". Today she crawled on the wood floor on her hands and knees and almost wend from crawling to a sitting position but slipped. She's not quite there yet, but it won't be long. We've started to give her some table food, and she had her first choking experience with a "teething biscuit". Digging that out of her throat was probably one of the scariest things I've ever done. She will be 10 months on the 19th. She is currently wearing 9-12 month clothes. She says momma, dadda, and poppa all the time. I'm certain I've heard "dog, and I love you" once or twice, but nothing that I will be writing down in the baby book for certain. She goes to daycare when Weston and I are working, and is home when we are. As much as Weston's schedule sucks right now, she loves that she gets to sleep in a couple hours and he can take her to daycare... Or maybe I love that!

Weston- is a team leader and making me proud. He is the best husband in the world and I love him every minute of every day. I am so blessed that he picked me! He works all the time and it sucks, but that's the Army. Sometimes we get to go eat dinner with him at the PMO, and that helps.

Me- I got a promotion/new job as a CYMS Tech. This job is still under Child and Youth Services. I handle the billing/reports running/computer program type of stuff for several of the daycares on post. I finished my Pharmacy Tech Certificate the other day and am waiting for a package in the mail to see what is next. I don't know that I will take the state test here, but rather wait until we are back in CO becuase I enjoy my current job and we are financially blessed at the moment.

I am looking for a new hobby. Recently I enjoy hanging out with a couple of friends here on the weekend and baking and enjoying "mommy time". It has been a nice escape from work and just sitting at home. I've thought about getting the sewing machine back out or crocheting again, but I am not sure which or even if that will happen right now. I started the 3rd book in Fifty Shades of Grey today, that will keep me busy for a little while.

Baby's crying, that's all for now. Have a good night.

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