Thursday, September 13, 2012

Leaving on a Jet Plane!

Colorado Rockies
Denver Broncos
Country Concerts
Calvin's Wedding
Birth of Laura's child
Adventures with the old gang (Kris is home from Afghan!!! yay!!!)
Payton's Football games
See Dad
See Grandpa and Grandma
See the Wisconsin clan that are here for Calvin and Sara's wedding
Jenna's engagement pictures

Party like a Rock Star at Calvin's wedding!!! Yippeee

This doesn't even begin to list all the things I hope to go do and see while I am home!

Can't wait for October. Colorado here we come!!!

I'm anxious to see how traveling alone with a 5 month old on an airplane will be. Weston is meeting us there. So thankful that he will be able to come at all and that he is going to be flying home with us!

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