Friday, September 7, 2012

I Believe I Can Fly

After a 12 mile ruck march this morning, Weston's blue truck pulled up to the house. Not in the driveway, but through the grass and by the front door. I could see the soreness in his body as he slowly exited his truck and slid feet first to the ground. He grabbed his gear, and made his way to the house. I opened the bedroom window and greeted him as the smell of the fresh morning dew attacked my senses in more ways than one. "Good morning! What time is graduation?" He responded filling me in on the time for the day's activities.

As he dropped his assault pack onto the kitchen floor I saw a deep look of concern in his eyes, and he told me that he didn't make it. "You didn't make the ruck march in 3 hours?" I asked. He nodded. "Does that mean that you don't graduate?" and he nodded again. "Oh." I didn't really know what else to say to him... He started laughing and told me he was kidding and that graduation would be at 9:30am.

My soldier received his wings today at the Air Assault School Graduation. I am so proud of him. This is something he has been looking forward to since the day we got here.

Weston is the 2nd one from the right hand side. These are all of the MP's that graduated the school today. Some guy was talking non-sense that only the soldiers really care about. I tuned out and attended to our baby girl.

Speaking of our baby girl. She looked so adorable today wearing her cutest outfit that mommy could find. This is actually a 9 month shirt that has matching shorts that Brynn gave us, but I like it as a dress too. I put some pink shorts on under it and she looked stunning! Those big blue eyes are going to have daddy cleaning his shot gun in just a few short years. 

After the graduation and the MP's talking, Weston had to do 10 to the wind and then dig his coin out of the ground with his mouth. Lucky for him his SGT put him on a slope. 40 push ups later and his mouth contained grass, a little dirt, and a shiny new coin to add to his Army collection. Lucky for Weston, my camera ran out of memory while he was digging in the ground. I guess it is time to delete some pictures and videos off of the memory card!

Congratulations again to my soldier. WLC is next.

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